The BACKUP service is used to download the latest cloud server backup file.

The service in question can be called up via the following URL:

The JSON data structure must be sent by POST, below is an example of a call JSON:

code: "DEV001",
key: "09mpada9nx4mxl3346055518sf89hcyga74mwmhucgf9j7cg78",

Alternatively, you can make the call moving the code variables and key to GET.

This call results in a JSON containing a specific URL which can be called up from your IP enabled for API access to download the GZ backup file. The URL in question is valid for 30 minutes from the time of issuance and can be used only once.

If the operation performed is successful you will obtain the following JSON:


 status: "OK",
 url: ""


In case of an error, the status shows an "error" value and the error code and a description of the error are indicated in the error structure.

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