Goose allows you to perform read/write operations on the central system via API JSON with UTF-8 encoding.

In order to properly communicate with the system in the Cloud, you must:

  1. Have a public IP address
  2. Have secure API Keys

Any call to API in fact must be made from your own enabled IP and the information packet sent must have its security API Key.

To request or generate your own API key you must access the API section in your Administration Panel.

The system entails call limits: up to 30 calls per second and 150,000 calls per day at most.

There are currently five main communication services:

  • SELECT: Used for extrapolation of data from the central system
  • OPERATION: Used to execute insert, update and delete operations on the central system
  • DELETED: Used to identify the deletion operations on the central system.
  • TABLES: Used for extrapolation of the list of tables
  • STRUCTURE: Used for extrapolation of the structure of tables

Access to the APIs is managed from your Administration Panel found on

Once you log in and click on the MANAGE button of the desired installation you can access the API tab from which you can configure all the necessary enables.


On this page you can find your secure API Key required for any call. You can regenerate it using the CREATE A NEW API KEY button while considering that generating a new API Key forces all your users to log out.

Also from this page you can also indicate which are the connection IPs enabled for API use up to a maximum of ten. An IP that is not in this list will not be enabled for connection, although it may have a proper API Key.

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