The "Calendar" item is found in the main menu, in the “Tasks” category.

Once you access the Calendar module, all events in the current month are displayed. This feature allows you to create and better manage your calendar. In fact, you can create your own events, assign them accordingly or view those of your colleagues or set these events for your Customer Visits.

The quick search tool is found in the top bar on the left and the list/grid action functions on the right. These functions may be visible or not according to the data displayed in the module or depending on the permissions set by the system administrator. Lastly, the scrolling arrows on the sides allow you to view the past or next month.

The main action functions are:

New Element
Allows you to enter a new element in the list.
Allows you to export all the displayed data.

Display Mode
This allows you to choose from list, calendar or planning view
This allows you to filter the list or grid based on the classification elements.

The New Element function is only displayed if the module allows for data input but above all, based on user privileges.

The colour of the displayed event depends on the type of event; you can change the colour of the event type from the main menu General Tables > Calendar Events.
The black number indicator next to the "bell" icon indicates the presence of a memo set to that day. You can import a memo by modifying, for example, a customer and clicking on the bell icon in the detail tab.

Clicking on the input button will open a new window that allows you to complete the fields regarding the contact.

Once you have completed all the required data you can save them by simply clicking on the green check button at the top right.

Activating the flag "Activate in Customer Visits" make the event visibile also in the category "Customer Visits", we can also set a start and end point to our event.

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The Calendar function also allows you to ensure that users can see their calendar or that of others according to the chosen filters. To see the calendars of other users just click on the tab on the right side:

Set these filters from: Menu/ Settings / Agents and Users / Users

At this point click on the selected user and when the side window opens click on the "Calendar" tab, after that, you can set the display permissions of the calendars under "Calendar Permissions".

Also, Goose's calendar can be synchronised with the Google Calendar. You can go to the Help section dedicated to synchronisation with Google Calendar for more information.

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