Inside the main menu, in the "Documents" category we find the entry "Tax Documents".

If you click on it you will see a submenu with the following items "Transport Documents", "Invoices", "Credit Notes" and "Returns":

Once you have entered the desired form, the list of documents previously generated is presented.

In the bar at the top there are the simple and advanced search tools on the left, while on the right there are the list / grid action functions, these functions may or may not be present, based on the data displayed in the module or according to the permissions set from the system administrator.

The main action functions are:

New Element
Allows the insertion of a new element in the list.

Allows the export of data visible on the screen
Display Mode
It allows you to choose between list, grid or catalog view.

Permette di filtrare la lista o la griglia sulla base di elementi di classificazione.

La funzione di Nuovo Elemento viene visualizzata solo se il modulo prevede l'inserimento dati e soprattutto in base ai privilegi dell'utente.
Cliccando sul tasto di inserimento si apre una nuova finestra che permette la compilazione dei campi relativi al nuovo documento.

Through the first selector, Document Type, it is possible to change the type of document (Quote, Order or Fiscal Document).

Also from the "Main" tab you can choose the reference Contact, the Currency, the Price List and the Payment Method, as well as being able to specify the different types of Dates (Document Date, Expiry, Requested Delivery, etc ...) that they vary according to the type of document.

Equally important is the "Products" tab which allows users to view and add products to the document.
If you already have products, because they are inserted using the Add to Cart function from the product sheet, you can intervene on their quantity or delete them using a red icon on the left of the product.
Through the corresponding key + instead a second card is opened with the list of all the products in the catalog.
Through a special blue icon next to each product you can add products to the cart quickly, using the search engine to filter products by code or descriptive.

Once the quote/ order document has been saved using the green check-box at the top right, the document will automatically be set up as a provisional.

By reopening the Provisional document, at the bottom of the Main tab, we can find different actions that can vary according to the Document Type and the state of the latter, as well as based on the permissions of your account.

Document Confirmation: Set a document from Tentative to Confirmed.

Order: present only on Quote, allows to duplicate the document and set the quote with the same parameters.

Cancel Document: Import a document into Canceled.

Send Document: allows you to send the document via email to the contact company reference.

Duplicate Document: allows you to create a new duplicate document.

The Send Document button will send the document only to the e-mail addresses specified in the "Alternate Recipients" field, of the "Shipping" internal tab when the document is created.

If the field above is not filled in, the "Send Document" button will send the document to the assigned contact on the document, if not present the document will be sent to the company references starting first from the alternative office set as recipient of the documents and if not present will send the document to the email present on the card of the counterparty.

The document will be sent as a copy and you and one and only one of the email addresses according to the priorities described above, clearly fill in the field "Email Recipient Alternatives" will send the same document to more people.

Using the PDF button located at the top right it is possible to generate a PDF of Document Preview, this document can be customized in some graphical aspects.

For more information, visit the PDF Customization section.

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