In the main menu, in the contact section we find the voice: People.

Once you have entered the desired module, the list of personal data of all our contacts that are real people is presented, with this module you can better manage all the physical persons connected or not to an activity present in the other modules. (Potential, Customers and Suppliers).

In the upper bar there are the simple and advanced search tools on the left.

The list / grid action functions are arranged at the top right. These functions may or may not be present, based on the data displayed in the module or depending on the permissions set by the system administrator.

The main action functions are:

New Element
Allows the insertion of a new element in the list.
Allows the export of data visible on the screen
View Favorites
It allows you to filter the list or the grid by displaying only the elements already included in the favorites.
Display Mode
It allows to switch from list view to grid view or vice versa.
It allows to filter the list or the grid based on classification elements.

The New Item function is only displayed if the module provides data entry and especially based on user privileges.

Clicking on the insert button opens a new window that allows the compilation of the fields related to our contact.

Once all the required data have been filled in, you can simply save them by clicking on the green check button in the upper right-hand corner.

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