The option to synchronise your Goose calendar with Google Calendar is available as from release 3.1.

At the moment, the feature can only be activated from a browser (Chrome or Safari) or mobile version (Android and iOS).

After logging in, simply click on your profile icon from the side menu.


Once your profile tab is open, simply set the Google Calendar Sync field to ON.


This will open a Google pop-up where access to your calendar, even when offline, must be enabled.


By approving the operation you will receive a confirmation message of the operation and, in the Select Calendar field (from the user tab you will find above), you can choose the calendar group you wish to synchronise (the Primary is selected by default).


Save the profile and the operation is completed.

Within a few minutes, the synchronisation system will import into Goose all the events of your Google Calendar from now on.

Important: only the new events entered in Goose or edited ones will be synchronised to Google Calendar. If you wish to synchronise an event created previously to Google Calendar, simply re-open it from Goose and save again.

Regardless of whether the events are created in Goose or in Google Calendar, the sync operations will then be automatic.

We remind all users that synchronisation may take a couple of minutes. From 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the workload at that time in the service.

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