The creation of new users can be managed from your Administration Panel, which can be accessed online.

The number of users that can be configured on the system is set according to the type of subscription currently active.

If you have a BASIC account you can configure up to 5 users, the PLUS account can configure up to 20 users, whereas the ENTERPRISE account’s users are unlimited.

By accessing the Users panel on your Administration Panel you can update the type of account or add new users at any time.


The NEW USER button allows you to add a new user with access permissions to Goose. By specifying the Name, Username, Password and User Code (all required fields), the created user is automatically assigned to the Administrators group.

From the Administration Panel you can also enable/disable a user at any time, whereas the App allows you to configure permissions and restrictions of the user in question in more detail. To do so you must access the Configurations item from the side menu and click on Agents and Users.


In the subcategory of the side menu simply click on the Users item.


Subsequently, opening the specific user tab allows you to modify the classification group, assign the user to an agent, change the preferred language, the calendar permissions and whether the user can be localised or not.


The access permissions the user has on the Goose modules are managed by the classification group. Each new user is assigned to the Administrators group by default - a preset group that has access and all privileges to all the Goose system modules.

These permissions are managed from the side menu - go to the Agents and Users section > User Groups.
From this section you can then add a new group using the [+] button at the top right, or edit an existing one.

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Additional permission levels can be managed if the user is assigned to an Agent, and also in this case, you can access the Groups management and the Agents registry from the Agents and Users module via the App.

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