The "Report" item is found in the main menu, in the “Documents” category.

The reporting module does not seek to replace much more advanced tools used for data analysis. However, it offers a first simple and clear summary of your business trends.

If you work in teams and each representative has limited access to a number of customers, the data displayed will only relate to the documents of customers associated with their user account. A simple tool in the hands of the rep to measure their performance.

We can choose whether to display the reports of the Quotes, Orders, Invoices or Opportunities.

After that we can choose whether to display the reports by Period, Sales Category, Company Group, Area, Macro Family, Product Family or Product Type.

Once this additional selection is completed, a screen will appear with a graph, which will vary depending on the selected display mode and classification..

At the top right are the display and filter options, you can in fact filter by month, rep, supplier or time frame.

The filters are then crossed with the type of product, the families or product classifications.

Allows you to export all the displayed data.
View as Function Graph
This allows you to view the data in a function graph.
View as Bar Chart
This allows you to view the data in a bar graph.
View as Pie Chart
This allows you to view the data in a pie chart.
This allows you to filter the data by month, agent, supplier or time frame.

View the performance of your turnover via a bar graph. Monitor the performance of quotes by easily identifying the provisional ones and those confirmed. Make use of pie charts for types.

Just below the graph we will find a summary grid containing all the data of the graph itself, the grid as well as the graph will allow you to quickly consult your data and can be exported by clicking on the "Export" icon on the top right.

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