The "Quote" and “Order” items are found in the main menu, in the “Documents” category.

Once you access the desired module, the list of documents created previously is displayed.

The simple and advanced search tools are found in the top bar on the left and the list/grid action functions are found at the top right. These functions may be displayed or not according to the data displayed in the module or depending on the permissions set by the system administrator.

The main action functions are:

New Element
Allows you to enter a new element in the list.
Allows you to export all the displayed data.
Display Mode
This allows you to choose from list, grid or catalogue view.
This allows you to filter the list or grid based on the classification elements.

The New Element function is only displayed if the module allows for data input but above all, based on user privileges.

Clicking on the input button opens a new window that allows you to complete the fields regarding the new quote/order document.

The first selector, Document Type, allows you to change the type of document (Quote, Order or Tax Document).

The "Main" tab also allows you to choose the specific Company, the Currency, the Price List and Payment Method, as well as specify various types of Dates (Document Date, Expiration, Requested Delivery, etc.) which vary depending on the document type.

The "Products" tab, which allows you to view and add products to the document, is important.

If there are products already, entered via the Add to Cart function from the product tab, you can edit their quantity or delete them via the special red icon on the left of the product.
Use the + key to open a second tab with the list of all the products in the catalogue.

A special blue icon next to each product allows you to quickly add products to the cart, possibly using the search engine to filter the products by code or description.

After saving the quote/order document using the specific green check box at the top right, the document is automatically set as Provisional.

When you open the Provisional document again, you will find various actions at the bottom of the Main tab that may vary according to the Document Type and its status, as well as the permissions of your account.

  • Document Confirmation: Sets a document from Provisional to Confirmed.

  • Order: only found on Quote, it allows you to duplicate the document and set the quote with the same parameters.

  • Cancel Document: imports a document in Cancelled.

  • Send Document: this allows you to email the document to the specific company contact.

  • Duplicate Document: this allows you to create a new duplicate document.

The PDF button at the top right allows you to generate a Document Preview PDF, some graphical aspects of which can be customised.

For more information visit the Customising PDF Documents section.

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