All contacts, be they Leads, Customers and/or Suppliers, are geographically located on the "Geotagging" form which is accessible from the side menu under "Contacts"

The main screen of the module has a map localised on your detected location (if GPS is enabled), with the various contacts located around the point of interest.

The legend opens by clicking on the button with the "three dots" shown on the map at the top right.

Through the “Address” search engine at the top left you can centre the map on another city or specific address.
On the top right are the filter and centring functions.

Le principali funzioni di azione sono:

This allows you to reposition the map on your detected location
This allows you to create the map again showing the radius of interest and the filter category

The round icon on the map indicates an aggregation of points. The colours blue, yellow or red indicate more or less aggregated points (the number of points is still displayed on the icon).

The square icon on the map identifies a specific contact. The colour of the contact is extrapolated from the classification of the contact in question. If it is black it is "unclassified". The number in the icon indicates the reference of the contact in the legend at the side.

Each contact is automatically localised within 60 minutes from input.

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