If you have a Google Account, the fastest way to import your contacts is by using the IMPORT FROM GOOGLE function at the bottom of the Import tab in your Administration Panel.

 You don’t know how to access the Administration Panel? Click here to find out.

Clicking on IMPORT FROM GOOGLE will prompt you to log in to Google, if you are not already logged in, and to approve the request from the Goose CRM App to interact with your contacts.

This is temporary and in fact, once the import is completed, Goose will no longer be able to interact with your contacts in any way.

Once the Google screens are approved, you will be redirected to the next Goose screen, where you can check the contacts concerned and decide whether to import them as Leads, Customers or Suppliers with the side selector.

You can launch the IMPORT FROM GOOGLE function as many times as you wish. This allows you to import specific users as Leads and other contacts as Customers or Suppliers. Only select the relevant contacts and do not import private contacts.

To view the imported data correctly you must always log in to your Goose App again.

You don’t have a Google account? Click here to find out how to import all your contacts anyway.

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