All the data displayed in the list have their own detailed tab. View it simply by clicking on the selected element, this will create a tab on the right side of the screen with all the detailed data, be it a contact, a customer or a product.

Every detailed tab may be closed with the icon at the top left.

The main features in a detail tab are:

Edit Element
Allows you to edit and modify the element.
Add/Remove from Favourites
Lets you insert or remove an item from the Favourites. If the icon has a“full” colour it indicates that the item has already been added as a favourite.
Add/Remove Memo
Allows you to add or remove a dated Memo in the open element. If the icon has a “full” colour it indicates that the item has already been assigned a memo.


Open PDF
This allows you to view the tab data in PDF format.

The presence of these icons may vary depending on the module and open element.

The Edit Element icon allows you to enter in Edit Form mode. In this mode you can edit/modify or delete an element.

In edit mode, the following functions are at the top right:

Saves the changes made to the tab.
It exits the edit mode to go back to the tab preview.
Deletes the open element.

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