Once you log in, the home page of Goose is displayed, which primarily consists of three elements as shown below: the Calendar, the Message Dashboard and the Quick Menu.

Calendar: a summary calendar of the current month is found at the top left. Each event is represented by a solid circle with a colour identifying the type of event, for example black circles next to the day identify the presence of at least one MEMO set on that day.

You can synchronise the Goose calendar with the Google Calendar - click here to learn how.

Message Dashboard: this is found on the right side and has a number of message boxes, such as: Goals, Reminders of Today/Past and Upcoming Events, Corporate Messages (notices sent by system administrators) and other widgets that can be added from the bottom of this section.

Quick Menu: found at the bottom, it contains all the modules that are accessible to the user in order of use.

By default the Calendar and Quick Menu are enabled but can be disabled from your Administration Panel by accessing the Settings panel, via the relevant check boxes:

  • Calendar in Home
  • Menu in Home

The menu can also be opened by clicking the icon (with the three lines) at the top left.

Would you like to know more about the features found in the Menu? Visit the Main Features section for more details.

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