The following information is requested on the initial login window, fromany platform:

  • Account Code: the company code assigned to the system in the initialisation stage, consisting of 6 alphanumeric digits in XXX123 format (3 letters followed by 3 digits).

  • Username or Email: username profiled from your Administration Panel (Users tab) or assigned when activating the system (e.g. MASTER User).

  • Password: editable from your Administration Panel (my "Account") or created when activating the system.

The Administator Panel is found at the top right of

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The initial screen will show the "TRY THE APP FOR FREE" button. Clicking it will display the two test modes of the Goose platform.

If you choose to access the Demo Version you can discover all Goose features by entering a system that is accessible to all and which resets the pre-loaded data every 24 hours.
Should you choose to activate the CRM, you will activate a Goose version that is free for 30 days, during which time you can load your information with no test data so as to start working immediately.

Would you like to try Goose but you are not sure if your device is compatible or where to download the exe. file from? Click here to find out more.

A user with a MASTER username and random password is generated automatically when activating the system. The access data in questionare sent via email to your administrator account during installation.

The MASTER user can be used for first access to the system directly on the application – since they are an administrator user, they have all the authorisations to generate and profile other users.

If, on the other hand, you already have a Goose account, once you log in, the first database synchronisation is performed.

If the database appears already initialised via API or other services, the first synchronisation may last several seconds or minutes, depending on the amount of data to be imported from the server the first time.

Once the first sync is completed, the App maintains synchronisation with the central server in incremental mode in order to minimise the data traffic to and from the Cloud server.

If network or access problems should arise during synchronisation, the operation can be stopped at any time by pressing STOOP!

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